Premium Property Showroom at Dream House


In mid-September, Premium Property Showroom will open at Dream House Shopping Center.

The exhibition will take place on September 10-24 and will present the best high-end residential complexes and suburban cottages offers. The location of the facilities is not limited to the Moscow region; the visitors will have an opportunity to consider the offers in Europe. There will be 6 mounts of 6 sq. m. each at Showroom.

Dream House will host this annual premium property exhibition for the second time already. Its location is not a mere coincidence - Dream House Shopping Center is situated on the Rublevo-Uspenskoe Highway, in Barvikha village, which is one of the most expensive suburban districts of Moscow.

The comfortable atmosphere, elaborate concept and high-quality tenant pool make guests of the shopping center come again and again.

Along with Dream House, Showroom also takes place at Vremena Goda Shopping Galleries on Kutuzovsky ave., where exclusive premium property offers are exhibited, too.


Dream House is a luxury shopping center with the total area of 13,000 sq.m. located on the Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway in Barvikha village. In 2011, Dream House was included to the project portfolio of the Romanov Property Holdings Fund private equity fund (a part of RD Group). The assets of the RPHF are managed by AVICA Property Investors.