RD Group Celebrates Construction Workers Day


The development holding RD Group held its corporate summer teambuilding excursion in honor of Construction Worker Day. The excursion destination was one of the company’s most significant projects currently underway – the international board school UWC Dilijan in Armenia.

With its participation in the UWC Dilijan project, RD Group is demonstrating the core principle of its business – full-cycle development. The asset management company RD Group is a co-investor in the project, the project management role is being carried out by Rd Construction while RD Management will provide facility management services for the new school.

During the trip the employees of the holding not only visited the major attractions of Armenia in the boarding school UWC Dilijan but also took part in a number of intellectual and sports competitions. The most difficult and interesting part of the teambuilding program was the construction of a flying machine.

Anastasia Romanova, Deputy Head of the Representative Office of RD Group for Human Resources: “For the past 20 years RD Group has been creating unique development projects would not have been possible if not for the professionalism of our employees. In today’s world a company’s most important treasure is its employees. That is why one of the strategic objectives of the holding is to build a loyal, professional and motivated team. It’s no coincidence that at the recent teambuilding the slogan for the team of the management company was: ‘When we are united, we are invincible!’”