RD Group to Invest €50 Million in Spain


In May 2014 RD Group held a number of talks with government officials in Spain. The meetings resulted in agreements on cooperation and investment by RD Group in the Spanish real estate market in the amount of €50 million.

The delegation of the international development holding RD Group led by Roman Tkachenko conducted a business tour around the cities of Spain with the aim of studying the development prospects for the country’s real estate market and evaluating potential construction sites.

The negotiations with regional authorities in Spain and the President of the Community of Madrid Ignacio González led to agreements on strategic cooperation between the parties and RD Group’s involvement in the development of the real estate market of Spain. The plans foresee investment by RD Group of €50 million in the development of commercial and residential properties in the country. The key target areas for investment are the Costa del Sol region in the south of Spain and Madrid.


At present RD Group is in negotiations for the purchase of a piece of land of approximately 10,000 square meters in the coastal zone of Marbella in Costa del Sol for the construction of a high-class hotel and premium-class apartments along with the development of associated infrastructure. Intotalthecomplexwilltotalapproximately 20,000 squaremeters.

RD Group is also in talks over the purchase of a 1.7 ha piece of land in the mountainous area of Marbella, where the development group intends to create fashionable villas. The project plans include no less than 7 villas of 2,000 square meters each.

Roman Tkachenko, Head of the Representative Office of RD Group in Russia:

“In the near future the international holding RD Group will invest €50 million in premium class real estate in Spain. But this is just the first step marking our efforts to expand our footprint in Europe, where we have also successfully implemented projects in Luxembourg. In the mid-term perspective, the company plans larger scale investments in the Spanish real estate market.”


As a part of RD Group’s involvement in the country, the delegation took part in an awards ceremony recognizing achievement in politics, business and culture in Spain which was attended by the country’s most influential public and cultural figures as well as businessmen. Roman Tkachenko, Head of the Representative Office of RD Group in Russia, received an award for promising future cooperation from the hands of Isabel García Tejerina, Spain’s Minister for Agriculture, Food and Environmental Affairs.