RD Management on Common Areas in Business Centers


Is the existence of a public area at a business center an important criteria for tenants? How should aesthetics and economics be taken into consideration in a business quarter? Natalya Baramygina, manager of a group of properties for RD Management, discussed these issues with the journal Nedvizhimost & Tseny.

According to Natalya Baramygina, one-half of the territory of the business complex Olympia Park is taken up by commercial space together with the underground areas while the rest is occupied by outdoor areas. The developer intentionally did not create a dense development, choosing instead to create an English park on the territory of the business center. It turned out that the existence of a public area was of fundamental importance to the tenants.

“Olympia Park is home to rather large companies or world renown. They position these offices here as back offices, so the existence of public areas is a necessity. When planning their move to Olympia Park, the first thing they looked at was the mock-up of the complex, which allows them to evaluate the external appearances of the territory,” Natalya Baramygina explained.

During the warm months of the year the tenants often make use of the outdoor areas. Office workers sit on the park benches and talk, hold informal meetings. The sports areas are used for corporate teambuilding activities. Moreover, residents of the surrounding district also use the territory of Olympia Park as a strolling area.


Olympia Park is positioned as a Class A office complex and “mini-city”. The project is comprised of three-story buildings on the bank of the Khimki reservoir. The property boasts well-developed infrastructure and an interesting pool of international tenants. Olympia Park is owned by the world-renowned IT company Kaspersky Lab. RD Management was engaged during the project’s launch preparations and today provides the full array of facility management services for the property.


According to survey among young people in Great Britain seeking their first job, the components of an ideal office include green development, an outdoor area for relaxation and recreation, co-working space, a bicycle rack, sports center and shower.