Romanov Dvor Hosts Christmas Bazaar


The traditional annual Christmas Bazaar was held yesterday in the Jacoby courtyard of the Romanov Dvor business center. Guests had the opportunity to browse through many pleasant holiday gifts: trees and handmade toys, stockings and mittens, and a wide variety of sweets.

The Christmas bazaar is an important part of the approaching holiday season. This tradition has come to Russia from Europe, where for ages now city streets and squares with the onset of winter transform into holiday markets with an unforgettable atmosphere and special holiday treats and gifts. For many years now Romanov Dvor has been creating for its tenants and guests a special holiday spirit. This year the magical atmosphere was further embellished by music performed by the Paganini string quartet.

Informational partners for the bazaar included, Interfax, Time Out and ForSmi.


At the center of the Christmas bazaar stood a beautiful tree which was decorated not with ornaments but rather with cards bearing children’s holiday wishes. Each visitor had the opportunity to make a dream come true for a child from an orphanage.

The keynote event of the bazaar was a charity auction. The drawings and paintings of disabled children were put up for sale. The proceeds from the auction went to support the Different Children Foundation in the implementation of various charity projects: aid to children at orphanage, assistance for physically disabled children, including children with Down syndrome, and more.