Russian Real Estate Portal: DIS to Become World-Class International School


According to a report in the leading Russian multimedia real estate publication Nedvizhimost i tseny, RD Group, the general designer and general contractor of Dilijan International School in Armenia, will complete the project’s first phase of construction in 2014.


As general designer of the Dilijan International School (DIS) project, RD Group optimized part of the initial project plans, thus creating an opportunity to substantially save on capital expenses while also increasing the useable area of the facility by 3000 square meters.

In addition to the school’s buildings, the company is also creating on its territory modern engineering and road infrastructure. The developer has undertaken a number steps to ensure the facility’s ability to withstand earthquakes and protect it from landslides and underground water flows.


Dilijan International School in Armenia will welcome its first students in September 2014. The project is being implemented with support from the government of Armenia and personal support of President Serzh Sargsyan.

The total volume of investment in the construction of the school amounts to $135 million. The total area of the complex will reach 60,000 square meters. “In addition to the main school building, the project also includes various infrastructure and housing facilities. By July 2014 as a part of Phase I, RD Group will commission the main school building, sports and medical centers, student housing, a multi-purpose center, research laboratory as well as such sports facilities as a football field, basketball court, volleyball court and tennis court,” Nedvizhimost i tseny writes.  

Inauguration of the second phase is planned for 2016. By that time RD Group will have built for DIS several parks and fountains, a performing arts center, amphitheater for international festivals, additional housing for students and teachers and the main school cafeteria.