Tatiana Khoreva at CRE First


A traditional meeting of leading commercial property experts, which was organized by CRE Magazine, was held on June 4. Tatiana Khoreva, Deputy Head of the Representative Office of RD Group Holding For Financial and Economic Matters, spoke at the event.

During the round-table session, the market players discussed the changes in the legislation, rent rate indexation and the overall state of the commercial real estate market.

Speaking about legislative regulation, Tatiana highlighted that companies are currently adapting to the changed conditions, namely, to the deoffshorization initiatives and the law on controlled foreign companies. As a result, major companies are busy with reorganization.

Another reason for the low business activity of the players is the fact that previously prepared transactions are difficult to be closed due to the new control conditions. However, the market is optimistic and the number of transactions will grow after the adaptation.

When discussing rent rate indexation, Tatiana Khoreva noted that tenants started employing individual approach more widely. The owners of rentable areas have a better knowledge of the tenants’ business now, and this gives the opportunity to make individual calculations of indexation rates and thresholds with maximum possible accuracy.

Among other experts who participated in the discussion were Evgeny Ovchinnikov, Manager of the Northern Tower business center, Svetlana Grigorieva, Marketing Director of Neopolis and others.